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With such varied terrain, Mallorca is a great place to cycle whatever your experience or ambition. For a less demanding route, take a trip around the orange groves around Llucmajor. If you’re looking to challenge yourself with a climb, then why not try the world famous Sa Calobra climb.

Sarah: “Having been a number of times at the back of a group, chasing the wheel in front, the group focussed of the miles pedaled at maximum intensity, it occurred to me that cycling trips didn’t always have to be this way; it’s possible to train very effectively without pushing the envelope every moment of every ride. Being in an inspiring landscape, looking up from the narrow strip of rubber in front and taking in the sights, views and engaging with the landscape around me lifted the spirit and swelled my heart and distracted my body from its toil. The effect was, perhaps not unsurprisingly, a far more fulfilling experience coupled with a noticeable improvement in strength and fitness“.

We have therefore created a number of days with routes which won’t demand maximum output and can tailor these to achieve the balance between pleasure and performance you are looking for.

Why take the boys out of the mix? That’s simple enough: Have you ever met one who can resist being competitive on a bicycle every moment of every day???

You can always combine cycling with sightseeing, stopping off at point of interest along the way. Take a trip to Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of Mallorca, to see the famous Formentor Lighthouse.

Ladies only cycling holidays have their own particular appeal, the pace encouraging the sharing of the experience, exchanging ideas, chatting and occasionally ‘taking off’ just for the sheer pleasure of it!

If you have a group of mixed experience then why not split up? We tailor all our group holidays to your specific needs, meaning we can plan days for you to spend together, separately or a mix of both. If some members fancy a day in the mountains whilst others would prefer something flatter we will design the holiday around your requirements.

If you’re interested in booking a group cycling holiday or would like any further information, please get in touch by phone (+44 (0) 7771 995 669 or + 34 635 297 518), email (contact@bespokedholidays.com) or fill in the booking enquiry form.

Wine grown in the same families for decades
Lovely landscapes
Wine grown in the same families for decades
Lovely landscapes