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Our love of cycling, the outdoors, Mallorca and the Mediterranean are just some of the reasons why we wanted to set up Bespoked in 2014. We offer a personalised holiday in a setting we believe is beautiful. Bespoked has evolved from our first concept. Friends and Guests have shared their holiday experiences with us and made suggestions for us to adopt; you will find their contributions in many of details of your stay. We expect that Bespoked will continue to evolve and our goal is to create a destination that offers our guests the chance to escape, explore and re-energise. We hope that our guests will continue to explore the Island with us as we do, discover its secrets and sample its experiences. We also hope that (at least some!) of our guests will become friends, enrich our experience of the Island and return to stay with us.


Cycling in Mallorca

Cycling is integral to the life of the Island, particularly in the North-East where we are based. The roads are excellent. The traffic respects cyclists. The MTB trails are abundant.

Early in the year the Pro teams are here training, as much for the climate as the sheer variety of the terrain and the possibilities it offers. The same route is rarely the same ride, as the landscape changes with each passing day. By late May the ‘serious’ cyclists are off competing in other parts of Europe and a more leisurely pace settles on the biking fraternity. In late summer the enthusiasts return, looking for a few extra weeks of a great climate to put some more good miles into their legs, before the short days of winter close in further north in Europe and the bike goes into the garage or onto the turbo-trainer.

It is for these reasons we love to cycle here.


Cycle guide, Café finder, bottle/bidon-filler, bike mechanic, tea-maker, orange juicer, wine taster and foodie, explorer, bookworm, pasta chef.

I spent my childhood in the Dolomites of northern Italy. It is there that I first learned to ride a bike. The Italians are passionate cyclists and fans and there was no escaping the thrills of the sport. It was here I first fell in love with cycling in the mountains. The riding in the Serra de Tramuntana brings back fond memories of happy times, both on and off-road.


Lady cyclist, cook, meal planner, lemon/orange picker, cake-baker, masseur/soigneur, bed-maker.

Being outdoors is my passion. I live and breathe fresh air every day and can’t imagine my
life any other way. Our garden in Mallorca is one of my passions.

Mallorca is a peaceful and inspiring place to be. I have climbed mountains, swam in the crystal waters along the rugged north coast and sat on benches in the sunshine, just watching the world go by, this is why I love Mallorca.